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Jeff Yapp Scholarship Programs

Throughout his career, Jeff Yapp and his family have continued to give back to the community. From supporting the Girl Scouts of America to advocating for the regulation of cannabis, the Yapp’s are using their connections to build a better future for all.

Jeff’s longest running philanthropist ventures involve supporting post-secondary students from around the world. What began as a few friends donating to an endowed scholarship fund has now turned into an annual scholarship to help students attending post-secondary institutions throughout Canada and the United States.

The Rollicking Crew Scholarships

In 1976, Jeff Yapp attended the University of Michigan, graduating in 1980 with a BBA in Marketing and Operations. During his undergrad, Jeff met a group of men who quickly became great friends. To keep this friendship alive, the group, nicknamed The Rollicking Crew, made a pact to meet once a year.

As the years went on, the Crew continued to keep their promise and eventually decided to establish an endowed scholarship fund at the University of Michigan.

“Although we came from relatively different backgrounds, our experience at U-M was the common denominator… Our friendship, like our pride in our alma mater, is unwavering.”

-Jim Deleth, The Rollicking Crew

Jeff Yapp
Jeff Yapp

The Jeff Yapp Scholarship

In January 2019, Jeff Yapp announced his second scholarship initiative. The Jeff Yapp Scholarship targets post-secondary students throughout the United States and Canada. This scholarship aims to support innovative thinkers in the following programs: Advertising, Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, and Business.

For more information visit The Jeff Yapp Scholarship’s Official Website¬†and check out the official scholarship announcement.