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Jeff Yapp has been at the forefront of the entertainment industry for over 30 years. His experience working for international brands in various roles, including sales, marketing, mobile technology, and business consulting, has been documented by the press throughout his career. In this media collection, you’ll find references to every stage of Jeff’s career.

The Jeff Yapp Scholarship


In January 2019, WutzNxt announced the Jeff Yapp Scholarship Program for post-secondary students. This is his second scholarship project.

Post-Secondary Scholarship Info

The Jeff Yapp Scholarship is listed as one of this year's financial aid sources. Jeff and his team at WutzNxt are awarding 3 students with $1,000 (USD/ CAD).

How Digital Marketing is Driving Modern Business

Denver Post

How does a business in today's economy succeed? Digital marketing is the key, according to business exec Jeff Yapp.

The Power of Digital Marketing

Prague Post

As the owner of international marketing agency WutzNxt, Jeff has personally helped brands stand out from the crowd with effective digital marketing plans.

The Importance of Personal Branding


Personal branding has allowed thousands of individuals to become successful entrepreneurs within the last decade. CEO Jeff Yapp weighs in on this world of influencers.

Corporate Enterpreneur


Find a collection of Jeff's social media links here!

Jeff Yapp on the Power of the Acreage Cannabis Commercial

AVA 360

Jeff Yapp discusses how Acreage Holdings launched a successful Cannabis Ad despite being rejected by the Super Bowl. 

Who is Jeff Yapp?

CQCM Board and Staff

Jeff's profile lists his various achievements while employed as the executive vice president of MTV Networks Music/ LOGO Enterprise Group.

Trio Crazy for CMT pic

Jeff is listed as one of the executive producers of "Crazy Heart", a music based drama by CMT Films and Informant Media.

20th Century Fox Forms Distrib Arm for Growing Biz

Billboard 1995

Jeff is mentioned as the International President of Fox Home Entertainment. In May 1995 Fox Home Entertainment announced their expansion and involvement in bringing DVDs to the market.

Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur


As a successful entrepreneur, Jeff knows the power of learning from those who have already achieved the success you are working towards. In this blog, Jeff shares the main qualities aspiring entrepreneurs must develop.

Why Hire a Marketing Agency?


Marketing agencies have become increasingly popular for many businesses and individual brands. In this blog, Jeff explains why you too can benefit from hiring one.

The Art of No


Jeff's successful career has not always been smooth sailing. But one thing that motivated him to keep going was his mindset. Welcome to The Art of No.

The Rollicking Crew

The Michigan Alumnus

Jeff Yapp and a group of friends from his time at the University of Michigan, nicknamed The Rollicking Crew, have made a lifelong commitment to give back to their community. Through an endowed scholarship fund, the Rollicking Crew have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to students attending U of M.

A Vintage Gallo

Los Angeles Times

In 1986-1991 Jeff was the VP of the International Division at E. & J. Gallo Winery. In this article, Jeff credits Joe Gallo with making Gallo the biggest American Wine exporter.

Jeff Yapp Profile

Moby Games

Jeff has been responsible for some of the most popular games of the 21st century, including Rock Band, Jackass: The Game, and Karaoke Revolution.

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